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Corn: Alive & Growing

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Location Cooper County, MO
Product Used Sure Crop Starters, Sure Crop Foliars, Sure Crop Humate, Plen-T Calcium, Z/Micro, Energizer, Crop Micro, Zinc, Manganese, Copper, Boron, Micro Pak, Power Pak, Starter 7-25-2, Starter 8-27-3, Starter 5-25-5, Foliar 11-8-5, Grow-N/Sulfur 9-0-0-20, Foliar-N 25-0-0-2, Power – nK 3-0-20, Sure Crop Power-K 0-0-24-2
Crop Corn


“Growing a good corn crop, especially in a dry year,  is a lot about adequate carbon and calcium in the soil and in the crop.   Sure Crop Plen-T Calcium and Sure Crop Humate kept my corn, (on the right) alive and growing.   Its’ yield was 170 Bu p/Acre.”

“I began growing this year’s crop with planting cover crops and applying ag lime with Sure Crop Humate and Sure Crop Plen-T Sweet  to crop residues last fall.  This spring we had excellent soil tilth and a perfect seed bed to plant into.  After a hot summer and no rain Aug 5 to Sept 19…”

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